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A Word From the East

Dear Brethren, As I humbly step into the role of Worshipful Master of our beloved lodge, I am filled with a profound sense of honor and responsibility. This lodge, a beacon of light and brotherhood, has stood as a testament to our enduring values and commitment to the principles of Freemasonry. In the coming year, I aim to uphold these values and foster an environment where each brother feels valued, heard, and integral to our collective journey.


Our journey together will be one of growth, both personal and communal. We will strive to deepen our understanding of Masonic teachings and apply these lessons to better ourselves and the world around us. Let us recommit to the tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, and let these principles guide our actions both within and beyond the walls of our lodge. I encourage each of you to participate actively, bringing your unique strengths and perspectives to enrich our fraternity.


Lastly, I extend an invitation to all our lodge members to join me in this journey. Let us work together in harmony, supporting one another in our Masonic endeavors and beyond. Our collective efforts will undoubtedly strengthen the bonds of our brotherhood and illuminate the path for those who will follow. I look forward to a year of meaningful work, enduring friendships, and the continued growth of our beloved lodge.


Fraternally yours,

W.M. Kenneth Ortiz

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