Worshipful Master's Greeting

Welcome to Mosaic Lodge

Freemasonry combines the wonders of learning to become a more upstanding man, with the simple fun that brothers can share together.  Whether partaking in the age old ritual traditions of bringing new brothers into the Lodge, attending a charity ball, a softball game, a skeet shoot, or a cigar dinner, there is sure to be an event that can inspire your curiosity and satiate your craving to make life a fuller, richer, and a notable journey.  After all isn't life more satisfying when you can share it with friends?

The Three Grand Principles on which freemasonry is founded are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.  They are the symbolic jewels of Master Mason and are treasured very highly by him.

Brotherly love has been described as the purest emanation of earthly friendship and to extend and inspire it throughout the universe is one of the grand purposes.  It is the strongest cement of the Order and without it the Fraternity would cease to exist.

Relief is a duty which every man owes to his fellows in consideration of the common infirmities of human nature, but especially it is a duty imposed upon a Freemason towards his brethren, who are in need of sympathy and succor.  It should be his aim ever to be ready to soothe the unhappy, relieve the distressed and restore peace to minds that are troubled.

Truth is the divine principle derived from the Great Father of light.  It is the duty of every brother to make truth the object of his search and to be fervent and zealous in its pursuit.  It is the foundation of every Masonic virtue and the subject of one of the earliest lessons that Freemasons receives.

The Worshipful Master and the Brethren of Mosaic Lodge #194 welcome you and look forward to meeting you at your beloved lodge.

For those wishing to obtain more information about becoming a Mason, please review the link below or contact any of officers.  


WM Michael J. Meechan